June 8, 2016

FAQ & Information

What is SellMeTwice And What Does It Do?

SellMeTwice is a software package that lets you change your website for returning visitors. Specifically, you can

  • Change what users see based on the number of times they have been to your website. You can set the number of return visits, the changes, and what does and does not count as a return visit.
  • Set start and stop dates for any changes.
  • Actions they have taken on previous visits, such as buying a product, or a page they visited
  • Soon  you will be able to set changes based on the location of a visitor,

How Does The Software Work?

How does it work? Simple. Apply a snippet of code. Design the changed page you would like to show and set up the rules for what triggers the change. When a visitor meets your set rules, the alternate page is shown, with no change to the URL for the visitor, creating a seamless experience for the visitor.

Why Should I Use SellMeTwice?

Aside from the incredible ability to change your website for visitors and our affordable pricing, we are a bit light on reasons. 😉 Feel free to check out the marketing material on our website or contact us to discuss ideas for your website.

Typically 15% – 60% Of Traffic Is Returning Users. These Visitors Are Often Among Your Most Interested & Engaged. This Is Why Remarketing Works So Well and Has Such A Good ROI. Consider What Modifying A Returning Visitor’s Experience Can Do. 

What Is Action Tracking?

Action tracking is a feature of our SellMeTwice product that allows you to create actions that you track and can use to determine what experience you want to show a returning user that has or has not take that action. For example, if a user has made a purchase would you change their experience, or if they bought a specific product, would you want to show them related products that might interest them? Loyalty coupons for customers or even showing a product that they researched but did not purchase are all possibilities.

Why Is On-Site Remarketing (a.k.a. Decision Remarketing) Important?

Typically, 15% to 60% of the traffic to a website is returning users. These visitors are often your most engaged and interested visitors as they are interested enough to come back to your website a second time. On-Site Remarketing / Decision Remarketing allow you to show these returning new information, other products, or an offer.

Is The Software Hard To Use? / Can I Use It On My Own?

The software is simple to use and we provide our customers with detailed instruction on how to use the product. All of the options are available to you as a user, and we offer support plans for any busy user who would prefer to have our team implement changes.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes. All of our plans are month to month. If you cancel, you will be charged for any month you had an active subscription, but not for any period after that.

Will you design the changes for me?

We are not a web design company, but we do offer batches of hours you can purchase for help to design the modified pages to use with our software. See our pricing section or contact us directly with any specific questions you might have.

Will you manage my account? 

We do offer management of your website changes within our software as a service. Please see our pricing section or contact us with any specific questions.

I want to resell your product to my clients. Can I do that?

Yes. Please contact our team directly. We offer specific packages for anyone managing or representing a number of websites which include commission pricing.

Can I do Pop-Ups instead of changing a page?

Yes, pop-ups are an option within the software and are easy to implement.