June 11, 2016

What Exactly Is Remarketing? (Part 2 of 3 Of Our Remarketing 101 Series)

Now that we know what it is, the next question is What is Remarketing?

Remarketing is advertising to people who have visited a specific website before. This can be your own site, however some products allow you to market to people who visit other websites. These other websites can be specific sites or chosen by topic, but the goal is to find locations that show a potential interest in your company’s products or services.

As you research this topic, it is important to note that remarketing and retargeting are often used to refer to essentially the same thing, however, some marketers feel that there are differences. At this time, the exact meaning of the terms might be flexible, but the overall idea is clear, you market to people who have showed interest in your products or services; either through visits to your website, their online search behavior, or by visiting related websites.

Because the traffic is typically so well qualified based on interest and activity, a short list of the potential benefits of remarketing include:

  1. Lower cost per ad impression.
  2. Higher conversion rates.
  3. Better ROI.
  4. Precision targeting.
  5. Raising awareness of your brand.
  6. Stay top of mind while buyers are in the decision making process.

All of these advantages can help you to get more out of your current Internet traffic, but many site owners don’t know how to find out if this works for them.

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