June 11, 2016

Increase Online Sales To Returning Visitors

Increase Online Sales to Your Return Visitors

Over 95% of internet traffic to most websites does not usually lead to a sale, and 15 to 60 percent of your web traffic is typically return visitors.  But what does this mean to you?

Typically 15% – 60% Of Traffic Is Returning Users. These Visitors Are Often Among Your Most Interested & Engaged. This Is Why Remarketing Works So Well and Has Such A Good ROI. Consider What Modifying A Returning Visitor’s Experience Can Do. 

If you are like many website owners, right now, it does not mean much, but is that how is should be?

These returning visitors are not only interested enough in your products to find and to go to your website once, they are interested enough to come back, making them the most engaged and often the most likely to make a purchase.

Right now, you are probably not doing anything for these returning visitors, but what if you could reach out to them with a unique message?

Let’s start with a simple, but important question: Why do people come back to a website?

While there are many specific reasons, most users return to a website for 3 reasons:

  1. To Learn Information For a Decision,
  2. To Re-Order From You,
  3. To See What Else You Have To Offer

As a business owner, this means that there are three primary groups that you most likely want to reach. With SellMeTwice, you can reach all three in unique ways. Let’s cover a few ways to reach each of these groups.

When customers return for more information to decide if they want to make a purchase, you can show them new information, proactively offer to answer questions, or even present a coupon code to help them make a purchasing decision.

When customers come back to re-order from you, you can make the re-purchasing experience even easier for these users by streamlining the re-purchasing process, show them other products that you feel might be relevant to them based on their purchases, or present them with a loyalty offer.

When customers return to see what other products or services you have to offer, you can be sure to show them something they have not seen on their last visit.

SellMeTwice offers nearly unlimited ways to tailor the experience for your returning customers, to increase loyalty, raise awareness of other products, and to adjust the experience based on previous actions taken by your visitors. We do this with a number of features, including, but not limited to, the ability to customize the page based on the number of return visits and to track actions taken by visitors during their visits.

For some business, repeating the exact same message is the right answer, but for many you may want to say something different to returning visitors.

So, here is the big question. If someone were to come into your physical business over and over, would you repeat yourself to them each time? If the answer is ‘no’, then ask yourself, is that what you should be doing online? With our software you can now easily customize your message and you may want to consider showing your returning customers something new.

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