June 10, 2016

On Site / Decision Remarketing

What Is On-Site Or Decision Remarketing?

Remarketing is one of the single most effective ways that you can engage users. Not only does it often lead to some of the most efficient, cost-effective converting traffic, it is also a way to remain at the top of mind for your visitors. In today’s busy online market, repeating yourself is often not enough. SellMeTwice offers a simple, ready to use solution for a type of marketing many websites ignore: On Site Remarketing.

On site remarketing is when you re-establish your message, adjust your messaging, or just re-engage returning users with fresh content. The key element to this type of remarketing is that often 15% – 60% of webtraffic is return visitors. In some cases the number of return visitors is even higher! Our software gives you the opportunity to take these interested, returning users and to:

  • Highlight other benefits of your product of service.
  • Display new products, when you know they have already seen your primary offerings.
  • Suggest products based on previous actions such as pages visited or a purchase a visitor has made.
  • Engage returning users with unique and interesting content to hold their interest.

Consider your website as your online store. Right now, when people come back, you just repeat yourself. Would you do this in person? Why not? Simple, because it is not engaging or interesting. If they have returned multiple times and have not made a purchase would you tell them something different? If you would just repeat yourself, then SellMeTwice is not for you, but if you woudl take the opportunity to say something different to a returning visitor, we can help you.