Increase Sales To Returning Visitors

How We Can Help You Make This Happen:
change what visitors see

Show returning visitors something new. When a visitor returns to your website, you can engage them with new information about products, offer discounts, engage with a new experience, or show them new products & services.

Set Important Dates

All changes can be set to start and stop based on your needs. Offer a sale for a limited time or change the visitor experience for a specific holiday, and set the start and end dates for all changes you make with our software.

Actions = Experience

What if you could change what a returning user sees based on whether or not they made a purchase, or if they spent time on a specific page of your website? Create actions that change the experience for a returning visitor.

… and much more

For even more tailored experiences with SellMeTwice, you can customize what visitors see based on visitor location, the weather, link it to remarketing cookie renewals, include unique pop-ups and more. Contact us for specific requests.

15% - 60% Of Site Traffic Is Return Visitors. Do Something About That. Contact Our Team For A Free Analysis

How People Use Our Software

Easy To Implement; Flexible & Powerful To Use.
Truly engage your returning users.

All of our clients change the experience for returning visitors to highlight additional product features to returning customers, and to increase engagement.

Many clients create trackable actions to tailor the experience for those users with loyalty discounts, or offer products related to a previous purchase.

You don't have to focus on website changes when you are busy. Dates are often used by clients to start and stop sales and to schedule changes over holidays.

Other features, such as setting experiences for location or other specific data sets help many clients as well.

  • Change Pages For Returning Visitors

    Offer Unique & Engaging Experiences

  • Actions Affect User Experience

    Tailor the experience to previous engagement

  • Set Specific Dates For Website Changes

    Sales, holidays, and events

  • Other Awesome Features

    If you have the data, we can tailor the experience!

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5% Discounts Are Available With Recurring Billing


Ideal For Highly-Focused Users


  • 1 Domain
  • Up to 5 Pages Redirect
  • NO - Action Tracking
  • YES - Calendar Controls
  • Basic Reporting


Fits Most Websites


  • 1 Domain
  • Up to 20 pages redirect
  • YES - Action Tracking (x5)
  • YES - Calendar Controls
  • Advanced Reporting


Custom Options Available @ $350/mo+


  • 1 Domain
  • Up to 100 Pages Redirect
  • YES - Action Tracking (x100)
  • YES - Calendar Updates
  • Advanced Reporting

Multiple Sites

Reseller Pricing


  • 3+ Domains
  • Bulk Redirects
  • YES - Action Tracking
  • YES - Calendar Controls
  • Advanced Reporting

Redirect Creation (Optional)

If You Would Like Dev Support


  • 2 Alternate Pages Designed (Design Time Limits Apply)
  • Includes One Time Redirect Set Up For Created Pages
  • Includes Consultation On Best Software Usage Strategy

Software Management (Optional)

To Have Our Team Set Things Up For You


  • We Create Or Modify 3 Redirects For You
  • Creation Of Up To 3 Tracked Actions
  • Settings For Selected Redirects Included

Who Uses Us?

SellMeTwice is versatile, offering our clients both control and flexibility.
Local Businesses
Local Businesses
Benefit from sales techniques that used to only be available to large businesses.
Local businesses can now use engagement techniques that have previously been only available to big business. We offer plans specifically tailored to small and mid-sized businesses.
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Corporate Sites
Corporate Sites
Implement an out-of the-box or tailored solution to engage your users.
Implement a simple & versatile solution to customize your website and save your internal development team hours of work. Our product can be tailored to the needs of your website visitors.
Click here for more information
Digital Firms
Digital Firms
Digital firms offering PPC, SEO, or GA services can easily leverage our tool.
Engaging returning users is a key to digital success. Our software allows that on a completely new level. Learn about our partner pricing plans and how we can work with you to benefit your product offerings.
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Web Developers
Web Developers
Offer your clients completely new design options for users that change with use.
Offer your clients additional design options and add another profit-generating service through our partner plans.
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Evolve Your Website

Typically 15% – 60% Of Traffic Is Returning Users. These Visitors Are Often Among Your Most Interested & Engaged. This Is Why Remarketing Works So Well and Has Such A Good ROI. Consider What Modifying A Returning Visitor’s Experience Can Do.

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