June 7, 2016

SellMeTwice Video

If someone came into your business for a second time, would you say and show them the exact same things you did the first time?

In the digital world, we often focus on new visitors. But what about people returning to your website? Every day, many users return to your website. In fact, 15% to 60% of online traffic to a site is usually return visitors. These are users who have found value in what you have to say and are coming back to purchase a product, to learn more about your products and services, or to consider contacting you for more information,

Now, there are some businesses that do just fine saying the same thing to customers every time (would you like fries with that), but the question is, are you one of those businesses?

Or, would you rather say something new?

That is where we can help. Show your visitors more with the Sell Me Twice tool.

With our software, you can change what returning visitors see. For example, you can highlight different products and services, point out additional product advantages or features that may have been overlooked during the first visit, or even provide a unique offer or experience for loyal repeat customers.

In fact, if you’re not sure whether this tool is right for you, hit refresh and watch this video again.